What does a smoke curtain do?

If you’re looking in to fire protection techniques, this article on what a smoke curtain does and how smoke curtains work is a must-read.

How a smoke curtain works

Smoke curtain in retail unit

Simply, a smoke curtain works by containing smoke from a fire in a specific area, to prevent it from spreading to other areas. This containment of smoke provides refuges for people within the building and maximises the probability of escape from the building with loss of injury.

The example in the image to the right shows a smoke curtain installation in a retail environment: it is designed to prevent smoke from seeping from this floor to the floor above, reducing the risk of smoke spreading to other floors before customers are able to escape.

Typically, a smoke curtain will have a maximum lifetime during a fire (our smoke curtains have around a 2 hour lifetime), but this duration provides an extra chance for those in a building in the event of a fire.

Where smoke curtains are used

Working in association with fire curtains, smoke curtains are used for fire protection in a range of environments, including:

  • airports and train stations
  • shopping centres
  • factories and other industrial units
  • retail and commercial units
  • office buildings
  • communal areas in flats and other shared residential areas

Simply, if your building contains large expanses of area used by many people, you need smoke curtains to protect your visitors in the unfortunate event of a fire. Smoke curtains need not cost the earth (see our guide on the cost of smoke curtains) and can be bought from manufacturers or suppliers (see our where to buy smoke curtains guide), some of whom offer smoke curtain installation too.

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