How much do smoke curtains cost?

Professionally manufactured smoke curtains are an essential safety feature for many spaces, from leisure and commercial to industrial and public spaces, but how much do high quality smoke curtains cost?

There are many factors which affect the price of smoke curtains, which this article aims to cover to help you understand the pricing of them more clearly.

What does a smoke curtain do?

A smoke curtain installation in a retail environment Smoke curtain in retail unitWhat does a smoke curtain do? Simply, a smoke curtain aims to reduce the circulation of smoke in the event of a fire to help reduce threat to – and loss of – life.

Many people believe that the fire itself presents the most danger to life, but smoke inhalation is often what kills first. A certified smoke curtain

What effects the price of smoke curtains?

There are many factors which can affect the price of smoke curtains:

  • The size of the area of the environment you need to protect
  • The type of environment you want to protect: is it industrial, public or leisure?
  • The level of protection you require
  • How quickly you require the smoke curtains
  • Whether you require manufacture only, or installation and manufacture of the smoke curtains
  • Where the smoke curtain needs to be delivered to

Each of these will effect the cost of your smoke curtain, with the size and installation having a potentially large impact on the cost of your smoke prevention project.

So, how much does a smoke curtain cost?

Depending on the factors above, a smoke curtain's cost can vary hugely. It's very much a “how much is a piece of string” question. The quickest way to discover the cost of smoke curtains for your projects is to contact us for a project-specific quote.

While you can find cheap smoke curtains, high quality smoke curtains are a worthwhile investment for peace of mind. All of our insulted smoke curtains are fully certified, and we provide a test certificate for every curtain we manufacture.


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