The ins and outs of fire safety in apartments

K & D Systems have over 30 years of experience in providing solutions for fire safety in apartments and efficiently installing fire and smoke curtains in apartment buildings. A fire curtain can provide you with up to 4 hours of fire protection by reducing the flames’ exposure to oxygen and preventing harmful toxic chemicals and smoke from circulating.

When it comes to fire safety, it’s vitally important that you ensure your apartment or home is suitably equipped to deal with potential fires. You also need to ensure that your tenants are aware of the various fire drills and safety routines that are in place throughout the building.

There are various precautions that you can take in your home to reduce the chances of a fire occurring, from switching off all electric appliances before you leave the house, to closing all doors so that the spread time of a fire is reduced.

K & D Systems offer a number of fire safety solutions, including the installation of fire curtains and shutters in apartment blocks and homes across the UK and Ireland. The products available from K & D systems can go a long way in helping you to remain safe in your home and ensure that those life-or-death fire situations can be dealt with quickly and effectively without any tragic circumstances occurring.

Who are K & D Systems?

K & D Systems have over 30 years’ solid experience of working in the fire safety industry, developing products and safety devices to help in the event of a fire. Although these products won’t prevent the inevitable spread of an apartment fire, they will certainly do a good job in helping to slow down the growth of the fire, allowing any residents or tenants to escape to safety with time to spare.

Based in the North East of England in Sunderland, K & D systems have adapted their output and expertise across 30 years of technological change and fire safety improvements. Hence, they now work with large companies to improve their fire safety solutions and set out important fire safety plans.

K & D Systems have installed fire prevention curtains and shutters in the likes of Wembley Arena and Birmingham and Gatwick airports as well as the Westfield shopping centre in Derby. Their 30 years of experience, coupled with the businesses and responsibility with which they have been trusted, shows just how much of a qualified and trusted company K & D Systems are.

Although K & D are based in Sunderland, they can offer their services all the way across the United Kingdom and Ireland. They are also dedicated to bringing the latest smoke and fire safety curtains and shutters to businesses and tenants across the country.

Their innovative and meticulous approach to fire safety has led them to build a reputation enabling them to become the leading name in fire safety technologies throughout the UK. Read on below to find out more about some of the products and services that K & D offer, as well as benefits for your apartment, business or residence.

What is fire safety?

Simply put, fire safety refers to the methods, technologies and plans that are put in place to deal with the threat of a fire. Fire safety can include anything from creating detailed plans and escape routes for your business, conducting risk assessments to ensure that all exits are accessible in the event of a fire, and making sure that there are adequate fire extinguishers throughout your building.

K & D Systems are experts in fire safety and provide efficient installation of smoke and fire curtains, fire shutters and fire rated windows. For most of us, the extent of our fire safety knowledge stretches to keeping low because smoke rises and closing any doors to prevent the rapid spread of the impending inferno.

K & D Systems provide technical and informative audits and plans for your business and provide you with all of the necessary information, allowing you to feel safe in the knowledge that you’re prepared for a fire if it does occur.

Every building under construction must undergo a SHEVS assessment which reviews the building for any potential fire hazards and provides advice for adaptation. These tests look into the smoke, heating and ventilation systems throughout the buildings and offer suggestions for improvement. You’ll most likely be familiar with fire doors and fire extinguishers that you’ve seen dotted around your building, but you’ll be unaware of the facts behind these ‘preventable methods’.

Extinguishers and fire doors offer minimal safety and short-term solutions to a fire. Fire doors will not protect you from the spread of smoke throughout your building, which is the main source of fatalities when a fire occurs. If you’re a business looking to improve the fire safety in your office or factory, or you’re a construction firm seeking some expert fire safety solutions, then contact K & D Systems for a fire safety review as well as the installation of fire and smoke curtains.

5 methods of improving fire safety in your apartments

When you’ve experienced a fire in your business or apartment, you’re always lucky to get out alive and without injury. Fire rarely touches our lives without causing some sort of damage or stress. Until you’ve experienced the way exposure to fire can destroy our lives, you might not take your fire safety seriously.

This section of our fire safety guide is designed to give you invaluable tips into how to safeguard your apartment against fires – or, at least, reduce the chances of fire spreading and causing more damage than necessary.

  • Always ensure that your doors are closed

Closed doors can provide you with invaluable time to escape a fire and reduce the rapid spread of an inferno throughout your apartment. You may be wondering just how a wooden door can help you out, but it’s simple, really…

Fires need oxygen to grow, and although a door won’t wholly prevent the spread of a house fire, it can reduce the spread of flames and smoke throughout your building also while reducing the oxygen available for the fire to grow. A closed door could reduce the fire to a smoulder rather than a roaring one, which will provide you with valuable minutes to get yourself and your family to safety.

  • Always turn off your electrical appliances

How often do you leave the house and question whether you’ve turned off your hair straighteners, turned off the gas or left your fireplace roaring? It only takes one faulty plug and a rogue electrical spark to start a fire that could result in the destruction of your property.

Even if you’ve turned the appliance off at the switch, there remains a chance of the fuse overheating and causing a fire. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to remove any plugs and ensure that you wait for the likes of hair straighteners or other heated items to cool before you leave your home.

  • Look into getting a fire curtain or shutter fitted

Fire and smoke curtains are the latest fire safety products on the market and have proven to be lifesavers when it comes to apartment or business fires. Many of you may be unfamiliar with what a fire curtain actually is and how it works, but that’s okay, because we’re here to help you and explain the facts.

Fire and smoke curtains are triggered by an alarm system or smoke alarms and will close in the event of a fire. Similar to the effects of closing a door, a fire curtain can, for up to 2 hours, hold back the threat of a spreading fire by starving the flames of oxygen and creating a barrier to prevent the smoke from spreading.

K & D Systems are qualified and experienced in the installation of fire curtains and can provide all of the information that you require to gain an education in fire safety and your new fire safety curtain. Fire curtains have been shown to be lifesavers, so it’s no surprise that many business owners and tenants are choosing to opt for the safest fire safety measure possible and get a fire curtain installed.

When not in use, fire curtains can be stored discreetly and are made with lightweight materials capable of preventing the spread of fire for up to 4 hours, enabling your employees or tenants to get to safety without casualty or injury. Fire curtains are perfect for open-plan offices and apartments and act as temporary fire walls in the event of a fire. Therefore, these curtains can prevent the spread of the flame and smoke, which is often the main killer in the event of a fire.

  • Have fire-rated windows and door systems

If you’re an owner of an apartment block or responsible for the fire safety in an office space, it’s also a good idea to look into specialised partitioned walls and sliding doors to improve your fire procedures. These partitioned walls, sliding doors and glazed roofs are fitted with a selection of insulated aluminium fittings and coolants that help to reduce the spread of fire and are activated when a fire does occur.

These windows, doors and walls can provide fire prevention and reduction from both sides of the wall, making them extremely safe options for dealing with fires in your home or office space.

  • Always ensure that your smoke alarms work

Smoke alarms have demonstrably saved lives by alerting people to the threat of a fire while there’s enough time to escape. With smoke inhalation being the biggest killer when a fire occurs, it helps to be alerted as early as possible as a means of reducing the exposure to these toxic chemicals. Often, smoke can go undetected by people when they are asleep, and this situation can prove fatal for apartment tenants.

How can a smoke and fire curtain benefit your apartment?

A smoke or fire curtain can provide lifesaving benefits when it comes to a fire in your apartment. A fire and smoke curtain can be activated by your smoke alarms or a fire-activated system after the curtain has been installed into an apartment or open plan office space by K & D Systems.

Made from lightweight materials, a fire and smoke curtain can provide residents in apartments with up to four hours to escape in the event of a fire. The curtain can also allow ample time for the fire services to arrive and extinguish the flames and smoke before further damage or fatalities have the chance to occur.

A fire and smoke curtain provides a barrier against the spread and growth of smoke and flames by suffocating the fire from oxygen and isolating the fire to one space. K & D systems have over 30 years’ experience of providing fire safety solutions to businesses and apartments across the UK. These solutions have saved lives and prevented damage in apartments, offices and shopping centres.

A fire curtain is most useful in large, open plan internal spaces where fires could otherwise freely spread. A curtain effectively provides a temporary partition to stop the fire spreading, allowing tenants, employers or shoppers to escape safely and unharmed.

K & D Systems understand how to safeguard your apartment against the threat of fire. Qualified to fit safety curtains and conduct fire safety assessments throughout your building, K & D Systems offer services that you will not regret acquiring. They could make the difference between saving lives and tragedy.

6 reasons to trust K & D Systems

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