Fire Safety Training Part 1 – Why Is Fire Safety So Important

As fire safety experts, we have discussions every day with business owners and managers about fire safety training and why it’s so important. Obviously, all of our customers take fire safety seriously as our fire curtains, smoke curtains, and fire shutters all help protect premises from fires and to slow down fires once they get started. But you can never take fire safety too seriously if you run your own business. Fire can destroy lives as well as property. And if your business has only one premises, then a fire could potentially destroy all your equipment and/or stock and shut you down for several months or for good.

What Kind of Damage can a Fire Cause a Business?

Loss of Life from Workplace Fires

Fire safety training is important for a host of different reasons. First off, it’s important to remember that although around 80% of fire-related fatalities occur in domestic buildings, there is still a significant risk to human life in a workplace fire. It’s also important to remember that an employer is responsible for providing a safe work environment for their employees and may be held accountable in the event of a fire if their premises is later proven to be unsafe.

Hidden Costs of Workplace Fires

Beyond the risk to life, fire is a huge financial risk that can completely ruin a business. Even if you are well-insured and will recoup your lost stock and premises eventually, you will have lost a lot of time and customers/clients who can’t be expected to wait until you get back on your feet again. If you still need to be convinced, imagine doing without your business’ revenue for at least two quarters, perhaps even as long as a year, as this is the amount of time you’ll likely be out of commission. Insurance can help you recoup some of these losses, but will you be able to re-engage with customers/clients once you’re up and running again? There are hidden costs of a workplace fire that can resonate through your business for years.

Fire Safety Training Protects Can Save Lives and Business

Once you’re convinced of fire’s potential damage to life and your business, it’ll take very little to convince you to take measures to prevent it. There are two main ways to prevent fire:

  1. Make your workplace less at risk of fire
  2. Give your staff fire safety training

As we have previously discussed ways to make your workplace less of a fire risk (read our Five Fire Safety Tips for the Office) and you can read about the merits of each of our fire safety products, we’d like to go into a little more detail about fire safety training at work, looking at who is responsible for it and giving you of everything your employees will need to know to be clued-up about fire safety. We’ll include all of this information in the follow-up article, which we’ll post shortly and link to below.

Fire Safety Training Part 2 – What Do Your Employees Need to Know?



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