Domestic Fire Curtains

A guide to assist you in finding a domestic fire curtain that can protect you and your home from a fire. It will also discuss which materials are most appropriate for your fire curtain and how you can use it to add to the aestheticism of your home.

Purchasing a fire curtain does not only have to be for a commercialised building or a large business building. Every home that utilises electricity or cooking instruments could be at risk of a fire. Even seasonal events could produce products that become a fire hazard problem – for instance, if any of the electrical wiring sparks on the Christmas tree could make it catch fire.

That is why it is important to have your home fully protected in order to make sure you can retain your domestic bliss. A domestic fire curtain can ensure your safety while retaining the comfort and aesthetic picture of your home.

After all, until your domestic fire curtain is needed, it will be completely out of sight. If need be, then it can also be used to replace any non-loadbearing walls, fire doors and un-insulated glazing that could be a potential fire hazard.

If your house has suffered any potential damage over the years that you have been living there, then you may even find that your domestic fire curtain can be used to replace a wall, wall or window glazing, doors, serving hatches or even your ceiling.

Domestic fire curtains can remain semi-translucent or come in an array of colours that will suit your surroundings. For the best results, consult with your provider and then compare the colours of the fire curtain to your home. That way, you can see what colours would best suit your surroundings, meaning that you do not have to lose the aesthetic quality of your home due to your safety addition.

What is a domestic fire curtain?

If you consider the traditional means of fire prevention, you may think that the only things you can provide are either a sprinkler system or just a fire extinguisher that is filled with water, powder, foam or CO2. However, can you truly imagine any of these items being placed within your home?

Not only can they potentially damage your home’s interior, whether that is due to water damage or staining from the power and foam, they will also take away from the aesthetic of each room and take up space that could be used for suitable furniture.

The only traditional form of fire protection can be through glazing within your windows and walls, as well as a fire alarm that can alert the domestic inhabitants or the fire brigade.

This is where a domestic fire curtain be extremely useful, as it can not only be hidden away but also provide your home with the protection it needs in order to contain a fire. The domestic fire curtain will contain a fire and prevent it from spreading to other parts of your house.

In addition to this, you will find that domestic fire curtains will prevent smoke and any other toxic fumes from moving from one room to another. This means that, if anyone is trapped in the building, they will be protected from the worst of the fire.

Why should I buy a domestic fire curtain?

Buying a domestic fire curtain can be a fantastic way of modernising the safety of your home. While you can keep traditional fire safety appliances on hand, such as a fire extinguisher or a fire alarm, modern safety technology can keep you and your family safe. This is especially the case if there is a fire that you simply cannot put out without the assistance of the fire brigade.

A domestic fire curtain can provide you with the control you need to contain the fire and then get you (and your family) out of your house to safety. This is because the automatic door will always slot into place once it detects a fire and will create a safe barrier between you, the flames and the smoke.

This also means that it will give you the time to phone the fire brigade before the flames start spreading through the different rooms of the house. If the fire is contained in one room, less of your property will become damaged and so may need to be replaced. As most fire curtains also contain emergency exits, the fire brigade will be able to easily enter the room to control the fire.

What features does my domestic fire curtain have?

If you are considering having a domestic fire curtain installed in your home, that curtain can include additional features for optimising the safety of any sort of room. However, you may also want to consider the following additions to your fire curtain:

  • Double or triple fabric layering
  • Automated fire curtain movement
  • Plated bases
  • Horizontal/vertical placement
  • Fire shutters
  • Additional ventilation systems
  • Emergency escape mechanisms/exit ways
  • Additional smoke plating

How will a domestic fire curtain protect me?

Your domestic fire curtain will be made out of two layers in order to force the fire to remain in the room where it started. The main purpose of the domestic fire curtain is to ensure that the fire and smoke are not able to spread to different rooms in the house. If the fire is contained, then it will be more easily manageable for the fire department and also protect the house’s residents.

This is why your fire curtain will make sure that, if a fire starts in a room, its fire alert system will force the fabric to drop over the doorway and contain the fire within one room. The curtain will be made of a harder metal and a non-flammable fabric.

As the curtain will create a layering effect, this means that, if the harder metal surface does not stop the flames or the smoke, the second fabric’s layering will keep it trapped until the fire department can release the barrier and then put out the fire.

Your curtain will also be powered by a main power supply that is connected directly to your fire hazard system. However, should this power system fail due to an electrical fault, you can also use battery control in order to make sure your curtain’s automatic features are always powered and ready to be used.

In addition to this, you can also utilise the split drop of the curtain to allow for emergency access from the fire brigade or anyone who is to move away from the fire. This will only allow for the fabric side of the domestic fire curtain to drop down to allow for access both in and out of the room.

If you are looking for a way to communicate with people outside of the building, your curtain can also come with an integrated radio receiver that will allow you to communicate with the fire brigade and any potential channels that you have contacted previously. This will make sure that you are fully in contact with others who can help you to put out the fire in your building.

For how long can a domestic fire curtain protect me?

A fire curtain’s main purpose is to provide control over erratic behaviour of a spreading fire. It can become more of a hazard in a smaller space, as this means that it may spread at a faster rate throughout the domestic household.

There is very little time when it comes to preventing the spread of a fire, and this is why your fire curtain is programmed to detect the fire quickly before using its layered system to keep the fire and smoke in the same place.

The amount of time for which it can prevent the fire from spreading should be around 4 hours; however, it will completely depend on the material from which your door is made. The stronger the metal and less flammable the fabric, the longer your domestic fire curtain can protect you.

Your curtain will need to be able to handle the pressure of the heat and be flexible enough to keep it maintained in one area of the room. Therefore, always keep this in mind when you choose the material of your domestic fire curtain, as your choice of material could otherwise become the main reason why your safety is compromised.

What sort of material can my domestic fire curtain be made out of?

If you are considering what metal you would prefer for your curtain, it is best to pick something made of either steel or copper. These metals are practically flame-resistant and can heat up to handle the pressure of the fire while also remaining flexible enough to stand against it.

If you are choosing a second layer to combat against the flames and any escaping smoke, you may want to consider tight, stainless steel wiring and cotton fabric, as these can last against high temperatures and make sure that the smoke is caught between the fibres of the fabric.

What additional benefits can a domestic fire curtain provide?

Not only can a domestic fire curtain improve the safety of your home, it may also help you to get cheaper premiums for your home insurance.

One of the main things that your insurance company is looking for is assurance that your home is fully protected against any potential damage. Whether that is damage from a burglary, water damage or even fire damage, the insurer will be looking to you to provide examples of what you can do to prevent these accidents from taking place.

While you can prove that you are looking after your home through the traditional methods of fire prevention, such as a fire alarm, purchasing a modern domestic fire curtain for your home can prove that you are taking steps to ensure that all of your rooms are fully protected from any potential damage if a fire should occur.

As you are proving that you are taking steps to keep your house protected, your insurer may be willing to offer you a discount, as you have proven that you are less likely to make a claim due to an accident within your home.

Are there extra features that can come with the domestic fire curtain?

If you are looking to add some more features to your safety curtain to optimise its fire control abilities, you may want to consider installing an automatic or gravity fail-safe curtain brand.


An automatic design is used to instantly detect a potential fire hazard, and thus react accordingly in order to contain it. If your curtain contains fire sensors that detect heat or smoke, then the safety curtain will be automatically unravelled to protect any people outside of the room.

However, it will also contain a button with which you can end the safety processes if the fire is a false alarm. Once the button has been triggered, the automatic design will move away, out of sight.

Gravity fail-safe curtain brand

An automatic domestic fire curtain can be extremely expensive, so you may want to consider a cheaper option in the form of gravity fail-safe curtains. If this curtain detects heat or smoke, it will trigger the fire alarm and so instantly power the curtains to descend.

This will be done through gravity rather than by an automated system. Once you are ready to put the curtains away, you can roll them up by hand, move them up automatically or have them rolled back into position using mechanical rotas.

What designs can I get for my domestic fire curtain?

While your main focus on your domestic curtain should be the material of which it is made, if you are looking for your curtains to aesthetically match your house and design tastes, you may want to consider talking to us in order to find the perfect colour for your curtain.

They will present you with your colour options. Compare them to the design of the room and your provider would be happy to create your own personalised curtain.

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