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Fire Safety for Businesses Reopening After Lockdown

Many restaurants and businesses are reopening after lockdown. Everyday business may not look the same as it used to as people and businesses adhere to government guidelines but it is still vital to prioritise fire safety.

Fire Safety in Newly Reopened Restaurants

Many restaurants have reopened – albeit now with most only offering takeaway options. Even though restaurants won’t have the same numbers of people inside, fire safety in restaurants should still be taken seriously.

With open flames, cooking equipment and electrical appliances, restaurant kitchens are always at high risk of fire. A fire can devastate your restaurant and cause disruption and loss of revenues, as well as potential injuries. Not only that, but failure to meet Government fire regulations can land you in legal trouble.

So it is essential that you have protective measures in place to help you deal with the worst-case scenario.

A carefully placed fire curtain between the kitchen and the bar may be the most sensible option, but one of our expert advisors would be more than happy to make other suggestions specific to your premises.

Fire Safety Considerations as People Return to the Office

Many people have returned to the daily commute and are spending their days in the office. While good news for many, there is still a fire safety aspect that needs to be taken into account.

No matter how digital an office becomes, there is still likely to be a pile of paperwork, a number of workstations, a network of energy supplies and cables, and a team of people. When electrical items, combustible materials, and people combine, in any environment, the risk of fire can’t be ignored.

Understandably, the bigger the office and the workforce, the more complex the fire safety requirements become, but it is all part of the same legally responsible and legally enforceable set of regulations.

When it comes to fire safety in the traditional office, there are many aspects to consider from fire safety tools and equipment to fire drills and fire safety risk assessment.

Working From Home

While many have returned to the office, a growing number of people are continuing to work from home.

Home workers need to make sure that they understand how fire safety regulations apply to them, even if they’re only working from home one day a week.

Whether the home office is a separate room in the home or just a simple workstation nestled into a small corner of the home, the home is now a workplace and the homeworker becomes responsible for fire safety.

This includes having regularly tested smoke alarms, looking after and checking electrical appliances, not overloading wall sockets, and avoiding keeping flammable materials near your wires.

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Preventative Maintenance for Fire Curtains

Fire curtains are essential for helping to reduce the risk of a fire spreading in your home, your business, or your property. Beyond damage to buildings and properties, fire curtains can be the difference between life and death.

Accidental fires can strike at any time and should the worst happen, fire curtains can provide vital protection when needed.

Fire Curtains Servicing & Maintenance

Fire safety is not something to be taken lightly, you need to ensure that you are taking all the necessary precautions with your property. This includes servicing and maintaining your fire curtains.

Does Your Fire Curtain Need to be Maintained?

Once an automatic fire curtain is fitted in your building, it is your responsibility – as the building occupier – to ensure that the curtain stays fully operational. 

Otherwise, you could be leaving the building and its occupants vulnerable to risks of fire. You would also be violating fire regulations and insurance requirements of your building.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 includes recommendations for how to maintain fire curtains and compels the building occupier to do so by following the manufacturers’ instructions. Under BS 8524-2, the Order outlines recommendations for fire curtain servicing. Keep in mind that infringing these terms could result in you facing prosecution.

For added peace of mind, for each automatic fire curtain that K&D Systems provides and fits, we agree on a maintenance programme that includes guaranteed backup and support as well as online telephone advice and support.

How Often do Fire Curtains Need to be Inspected?

The frequency of inspection depends on how active your fire protection system is. 

If you perform a fire test every week, then you really should have them inspected every quarter. However, less active systems will usually only need a yearly inspection to check the internal rechargeable batteries and to make sure that your system has no critical wear and tear.

If a system has been damaged in some way, you must check your system immediately.

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Fire curtains are built to save lives so making sure they are working correctly and effectively is of paramount importance. If the unthinkable should happen, don’t let your system fail because of maintenance neglect.

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