Are Fire Safety Audits Compulsory?

If you’re reading this blog post, then you’d like to know whether fire safety audits are compulsory. The quick answer is yes, they are, and they may even occur with no notice whatsoever. But the long answer will explain the nature of fire-safety audits/inspections and why they are carried out. This blog post will be useful to managers, managing directors, and any other Responsible Persons as defined by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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When Should Fire Safety Training be Refreshed?

If your workplace takes fire safety seriously, then most of the staff will have received some kind of fire safety training, perhaps learning about the fire triangle, the different kinds of fire safety equipment, and fire safety plans. For all kinds of reasons, however, fire safety training can go out of date and staff in your workplace may be due a refresher course. This article will look at reasons why fire safety training must be refreshed, offering practical advice when appropriate.

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6 reasons to trust K & D Systems

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  6. We offer a 3 day turnaround time* on production.

*3 day turnaround time subject to certain restrictions; please ask us.

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