What Different Kinds of Fire Are There? (Part 2)

Yesterday, we wrote part 1 in our blog post explaining the different kinds of fire and how to extinguish them. Today, we’d like to follow it up with the last two kinds of fire and a little reminder of the three components of a fire triangle, which we covered in more detail in our dedicated Fire Triangle blog post. In part 1, we covered the following kinds of fires, all characterised by the kind of fuel they burn:

  • Ordinary combustion fires – Class A
  • Flammable liquids – Class B
  • Flammable gases – Class C
  • Metal fires – Class D

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What Different Kinds of Fire Are There? (Part 1)

Anyone interested in fire safety at some point has probably wondered what different kinds of fires there are. The type of fire changes depending on the type of fuel that is burning. And as we covered in our Fire Triangle blog post in May, fuel is one of the vital three components of any fire. Different kinds of fires require different kinds of fire extinguishing methods and tools. So, understanding the difference between them could help save lives and a lot of money in damages – especially if a fire is in the workplace. All UK fires are classed according to the European Standard Classification of Fires, which is used across the European Union. This blog post will look at the different classes of fire and how you can prevent/fight them.

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