Fire Rated Windows & Systems

Fire rated systems

The options available from K & D Systems include a window wall and door system and a more standard “stick assembly” curtain wall system. It can be useful shorthand to refer to various systems through using the technical indicators of MB-78EI, MB-118EI and MB-SR50EI.

MB-78EI is used for internal and external partition walls and doors, while MB-118EI refers to fire walls and MB-SR50EI means a curtain wall fire rated system. Products across the range can vary in their fire resistance performance depending on the requirements of the specific product.

Different fire rated solutions from K & D Systems can also be integrated with each other while preserving the required level of fire resistance. The MB-78EI door, for example, can be incorporated into the MB-118EI wall system to form a far-reaching, effective solution.

MB-78EI fire rated doors and wall partitions

When you seek to add fire rated partition walls – whether internally or externally – to a building, the MB-78EI system presents an appealing solution. This system secures single- or double-leaf doors that, as proven in testing, are highly effective in thermal and acoustic insulation.

The high popularity of the MB-78EI system among construction professionals has been driven by numerous factors – including the system’s characteristics and optimised technology. It is a cost-effective solution, largely due to its production costs and compatibility with other K & D Systems products.

The 78mm deep aluminium profiles of the MB-78EI are thermally insulated but feature a 34mm-wide thermal break of specialist design. This feature has been mainly responsible for the profiles’ low overall heat transfer coefficient “U”.

The system also has a high level of flexibility, making it suitable for various applications. For example, the system allows angular wall connections to be achieved and, to account for the glazing of unconventional “arch head” openings, the profiles to be bent and curved.

MB-78EI DPA automatic fire rated sliding door

For a building where automatic, single and double leaf sliding doors on various floors would be appropriate, you can arrange for the fitting of an MB-78EI DPA system. The fire rated partitions of this system include doors of this type, which also come with fire resistance classed as EI 15 and EI 30.

K & D Systems products can be sourced in various fire resistance performance classes, with EI 15 indicating fire resistance of 15 minutes and EI 30 referring to 30 minutes. The K & D Systems range of fire rated systems that we offer ranges, in insulation and integrity, from 30 to 90 minutes.

The aforementioned sliding doors of the MB-78EI system maintain their fire resistance class even when exposed to fire from both the inside and the outside. Furthermore, the drive of these sliding doors can be fitted on walls and system walls.

This system is compatible with mechanisms whereby a door of a 200 kg leaf can be operated smoothly and in a hassle-free manner.

MB-118EI fire rated wall partitions of EI 120

With MB-118EI fire rated walls, fire partitions can be produced to EI 120 in fire resistance class. This is an NRO – non-fire spreading – system, and designed and constructed in such a way that it can be technically connected to the MB-78EI door, with which it shares numerous common components.

These components include glazing beads, expanding tapes, cooling inserts and seals, but an especially notable feature of the MB-118EI system is a five chamber insulated aluminium profile which, in front to back depth, measures 118mm.

Fire insulation elements are fitted into the inner chamber profiles between which space is insulated. The MB-118EI structure is also highly customisable; glazing substrates, such as glazing units or panels, measuring 31-35mm or 48-84mm in thickness can be fitted into it.

The EI120 fire resistance class of the MB-118EI’s structures can be attributed to the system’s symmetrical composition. Both internally and externally, these structures can withstand exposure to fire, while MB-78EI doors help to enable the division of the MB-118EI partitions.

MB-SR50EI fire rated system

With the implementation of an MB-SR50EI curtain wall fire rated system, a lightweight curtain and fire-resistant wall can result. This system, which also falls into the NRO category, spans the fire resistance classes of EI 15, EI 30, EI 45 and EI 60.

This system uses profiles of the standard MB-SR50 facade system. Key features of the MB-SR50EI fire rated curtain wall system include single or double fire-resistant glasses, as well as steel accessories, special bolts and expanding tapes aimed at safeguarding the structure against high temperatures.

Another inclusion in this system is an inner core aluminium profile insert that will keep the construction as integral as necessary should a fire break out. The MB-SR50EI fire rated system can also be used with the MB-78EI fire doors without bringing the overall structure lower than EI 30 or EI 60 in fire resistance class.

Fire resistant glazed roofs

Fire resistance can indeed be extended to roof glazing, with the possibility of the fire resistance classes REI 20 and RE 30 according to PN-EN 13501-2 + A1: 2010. This possibility can be realised when you opt for the installation of fire resistant glazed roofs available from K & D Systems.

For a roofing solution of this kind to be installed, standard curtain wall mullions and transoms can be fitted as rafters and purlins for that roofing. These components can be attached together to produce an aluminium grid structure to be mounted to the building structure through the use of suitable supports.

During the process of installing one of these fire-resistant glazed roofs, fire-resistant inserts will be fitted alongside the rafter and purlin profiles, leaving an aluminium insert profile to serve as reinforcement. We can provide glazed roofing that is based on the MB-SR50EI facade system.

Indeed, it is possible to have glazed fire-resistant roofs combined with MB-SR50EI vertical facades, allowing you to extend effective fire protection across large parts of various buildings.

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