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Alternatively, you can contact specific offices below:
Head Office: +44 (0)191 534 3906
Newcastle: +44 (0)191 204 9070
London: +44 (0)207 305 7188
Birmingham: +44 (0)121 673 1890
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Head Office

K & D Systems
Unit 1 Glaholm Road


K & D Systems
Unit 1 Glaholm Road

7 reasons to trust K & D Systems

  1. We're amazing value for money: all our manufacturing takes place within our plant in Sunderland.
  2. We have a team there to respond to all quotes within 24 hours.
  3. Our installation team have over 30 years' fitting experience.
  4. All our smoke and fire curtains are independently tested either by Warrington or Chiltern Fire and are fully certified.
  5. We offer controlled decent and gravity fail safe systems.
  6. We are continually investing in research and development.
  7. We offer a 3 day turnaround time* on production.

*3 day turnaround time subject to certain restrictions; please ask us.