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Did you know that if your fire or smoke curtain is not maintained and not working as required, this could potentially invalidate your buildings or contents insurance?

That is why K&D now offer a full maintenance plan for all existing and new fire or smoke curtain instillation’s undertaken.

Each maintenance plan ensures that each smoke and fire curtain is annually inspected by a qualified K&D professional.

The key benefits of our maintenance plans are:

  • Annual onsite inspection.
  • A full electrical check is carried out on all fire/smoke curtain or shutter equipment.
  • We ensure all units are working when triggered by the fire alarm.
  • Ensure that the emergency back-up batteries are replaced.
  • Give you complete peace of mind.
  • All curtains are regularly maintained by a qualified professional.
  • Plans start from as little as £7.99 per week*.

Qualified Onsite Engineers

Each of our service engineers are fully qualified and are dedicated to making sure your fire or smoke curtain or shutter is fully functioning.

Once an inspection has been made the engineer will certify that unit has passed, register this pass upon the unit and catalogue these details ready to update our maintenance plan data based.

Peace of mind for as little as £7.99 per week*. Can you really afford not too?

6 reasons to trust K & D Systems

  1. We’re amazing value for money: all our manufacturing takes place within our plant in Sunderland.
  2. We have a team there to respond to all quotes within 24 hours.
  3. Our installation team have over 30 years’ fitting experience.
  4. We offer controlled descent and gravity fail safe systems.
  5. We are continually investing in research and development.
  6. We offer a 3 day turnaround time* on production.

*3 day turnaround time subject to certain restrictions; please ask us.

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